As a mixed race, Muslim American woman, I have learned to examine the world around me through multiple different lenses.


On my dad’s side, I am a fifth generation resident of Dane County.  My dad was raised in Madison and our ancestors originally came over from Norway.

My mom’s family is from Pakistan and immigrated to America with her family in the 1970’s. 

Growing up, I often felt stuck between two worlds, exposed to both the kindest people and the harshest truths about the society we live in. In this diversity, I learned to examine and to reflect upon the intersection of multiple identities. As such, I will work to connect those dots and make sure policies work for everyone, with no one left out. 

After Donald Trump entered the Presidential race in 2016, I got started in politics as an Organizer for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Coordinated Campaign.  

After a hard-fought battle and in the aftermath of the 2016 election, I was left with one question: how do we win the next election?

In 2018, I worked for the field team for the  Democratic Party of Wisconsin helping to elect Governor Tony Evers and re-elect Senator Tammy Baldwin.

I was deeply impacted by this election and wanted to be more for my community. So in 2020, after working in the State Capitol as a Legislative Assistant and earning my degree from UW Madison,  I ran for State Senate in Wisconsin’s 26th District. 

Right now, our community is at a tipping point and needs a people to make a difference.  

We all know that the decisions that will impact the future are being made in conversations happening right now. I want to be part of these conversations.

In my daily life, as a Math Teacher, I know how critical it is that we address our vulnerabilities, invest in  and shape the future, right now.

 I am running to work on our vulnerabilities and be an asset at the table, in a bold and compassionate manner.