With the pandemic, we are in a whole new world. Everyone's day-to-day life has been altered and fear of spreading disease has occupied our minds. While Wisconsin continues to have increasingly high rates of COVID-19, it is clear that some individuals have not been accountable for their actions. What we need now is for someone to step up and take accountability for the spread of this virus and the real impact it has. As alder, Aisha will:

  • Work in conjunction with the other alders and the County Board Supervisors to create ordinances that keep our community safe.

  • Encourage and support mandatory mask wearing

  • Ensure funds are available to alleviate the pressure and financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Aisha Moe recognizes wealth inequality as a clear and present danger, and believes Madison deserves an economy that generates broadly shared prosperity in environmentally sustainable ways. That is why Aisha will work to:

  • Implement a living wage (minimum $15 per hour, as well as an annual cost of living adjustment) for all workers in Madison.

  • Support locally-owned, independent businesses, cooperatives, and worker-owned cooperatives.

  • Support family farms and regional food systems instead of factory farms and corporate farming subsidies.

  • Assert and defend the right of all workers to unionize and act collectively to improve jobs and employment.

  • Support employee ownership and democratic cooperatives of all kinds (producer, consumer, worker).


Climate change is one of the biggest dangers facing the planet. The future of our community is at stake. Aisha will advocate for and supports the Green New Deal while simultaneously encouraging local policies that can protect the city.

  • Regulate and mitigate the use of chemicals and substances, such as PFAs, that poison Madison’s fresh waterways

  • Work to have 100% of the power demand in Madison running on clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources

  • Implement green-focused job creation in a sustainable manner and by prioritizing union workers.

  • Increase bus route frequency, especially in Aldermanic District 19


Whether you are a home owner or a renter, housing insecurity is an anxiety-provoking and unsettling experience. Moreover, homelessness is a policy choice. There are measures we can take to ensure that when we are asking people to stay home during a pandemic, there is a home for them to stay in. Aisha will work to:

  • Guarantee housing for all

  • Implement rent control

  • Decriminalize homelessness

  • Strengthen tenant rights


Our criminal justice and policing system is being asked to do too much. The reform Aisha Moe calls for puts power and agency in the hands of our community and ensures that issues that come up are met with the most appropriate response. That is why Aisha will:

  •  support community control over policing,

  •  Advocate for the end of the cash bail system, 

  • Advocate for reducing jail populations 

  • Remove the ability for people to be denied housing based on past offenses